Information for residents

1. Århus neighbourhood

The Århus neigbourhood was constructed in 1979-1980 by the original house owners and residents. The neighbourhood consists of 174 houses out of which two are rental properties owned by Svenska Bostäder.

1.1 Århus Residents’ Association

The common assets & facilities of the neighbourhood are managed by a residents’ association. Association’s operation areas are set by a facility order (anläggningsbeslut) and regulated by association’s statutes. The statutes are drawn up in accordance with the act of management of communities (lagen om förvaltning av samfälligheter). It describes, among other things, what the association manages (see chapter 1.3), the composition of the board and when the Annual General Meeting is to take place. The statutes can be found on our website

1.2 The Board

The Board is appointed by the members at the Annual General Meeting, which takes place before end of March every year. By submitting written proposals or motions in advance or by attending the meeting, you can influence the association’s business. Motion, which is to be considered at the Annual General Meeting, must be submitted to the Board by January at the latest.

The Board is responsible for the maintenance and care of the association’s facilities.

You can follow the work of the board through the board’s minutes-of-meetings available on the association’s website or in the recreation- and-laundry facilities.

You may also e-mail or contact one of the board members directly. The board’s office at Århusgatan 169 is open every non-holiday Monday from 19.30 to 20.00 if you want to talk to us on the board or charge the Cash Card. The office is however closed during summer vacation. An information regarding that is put on the door of Århusgatan 169.

1.3 Shared Facilities

The shared facilities of the neighbourhood, managed by the association, include:

▪ Three parking garages
▪ Two recreation & three laundry facilities
▪ Five play areas

▪ Shared green landscapes
▪ Culverts with pipes for water, sewage & heat
▪ Sub-station for water & district heating

▪ Meters installed at all individual houses for measurement of heat and water

▪ Cable-TV facilities via Com Hem.
▪ Walkways (excluding Århusgatan which is managed by Stockholm Municipality)
▪ Street-lighting along the walkways within the area

▪ Parking places & parking machienes.

2. Residents’ Association Fees

Every quarter you will get a payment notification in your letterbox, which covers:

  • The membership fees for the association that covers the maintenance of shared facilities as well as the preliminarily assessed cost for your heat & water consumption.
  • Your cash card refills, rented parking places & rented recreation facilities.

Your membership fee is based on your property’s share according to the facility cadastral (anläggningsförrättningen).

2.1 Maintenance & care of shared facilities

The membership fees covers the cost for maintenance & care of neighbourhood’s shared facilities, electricity & heat consumption for shared facilities as well as for garbage collection.

2.2 Your water and heat consumption

Your membership fee includes a preliminary charge for your consumption of cold and hot water as well as your house heating. This is estimated based on average consumption patterns for different types of households.

In January every year, a remote meter reading is done to get actual consumption for each household.

During February, the board summaries all the invoices for water & remote heating to do a cost calculation for hot water in m3, cold water in m3 & heating in m3.

Once ready with above, calculation of total cost per house is done & is adjusted with what is preliminarily paid. A deficit is invoiced in April with an additional cost item, and a surplus is similarly adjusted by reduced cost in April invoice.

2.3 Meter reading

In every house and in recreation/laundry facilities there are meters measuring consumption of heating, cold & hot water. These meters belong to the residents association. As mentioned earlier, these are read every January via remote-reading. The recorded values are basis for calculating your final consumption charges to be paid to the association.

It is wise to read the meters yourself at regular intervals to keep track of your consumption and that the meters work properly. If a meter displays abnormal values, e.g. stands still despite consumption or shows too high consumption, it must be repaired or replaced. Report faulty meters to the person responsible for water and meter reading so the meter can be repaired promptly. Otherwise, you risk having to pay an excessive fee. In the event of a failure of the meters, the association shall, as decided by the AGM, charge you for an estimated consumption.

2.4 Meter Webportal

Århus Residents’ Association has agreement with Techem AB about delivery of measured values from your heat and water meters. You may get access to this via the vendor’s web portal.

Send the email address to the board together with name, address, property number and mobile number of the property owner in order to get access to the portal.

2.5 At transfer of property

The residents’ association always invoices the current property owner. So in case of sale of property, the seller & the buyer ought to agree on how the already paid membership charges & other costs, or possible refunds related to water and heat consumption shall be shared.

3. Community cleaning days

All property owners are obliged to participate in cleaning of our green spaces. Every year two community cleaning days are organised, one in spring and other in autumn. If you cannot participate, inform the coordinator of cleaning, so you can do your part of cleaning in advance.

3.1 Garage cleaning

In conjunction with autumn-cleaning, the garages are swept & at spring-cleaning the garages are swept & washed; so the garages should be empties & all cars driven out latest 08.00 in the morning of cleaning day.

3.2 Cleaning leader

Before cleaning days, cleaning leaders are nominated for each area. The map and respective responsible could be found at the homepage as well as in the recreation-and-laundry facilities.

3.3 Containers

On the cleaning days, a container will be placed on Århusgatan between the yellow and the green garages as well as at the turnaround at the red garage. Note that only garden waste, leaves and small branches can be thrown into these containers, nothing else. Big branches and tree trunks should be gathered and laid on the lawn behind the green garage towards Jyllandsgatan.

Anyone who puts prohibited items such as cardboard boxes, garbage bags, old furniture, tires, batteries etc. will be charged all costs for sorting the contents of the container.

3.4 After cleaning

The hard work is celebrated at 1200 with hotdogs as well as hot/cold drinks at the recreation facility Århusgatan 31, provided that there are volunteers that arrange this.

4. Parking

4.1 Parking rules

We have 2 parking vending machines in the area located outside the red and yellow garages. We use P-Service to monitor the parking. Parking is only permitted in marked parking slots outside our three garages as well as marked parking slots behind the red garage.

Parking within the area is not allowed.

4.2 Parking places

Each property has a regular parking slot in one of our three garages. Please note that it is your responsibility to close the doors as you drive in and out of the garage. This is very important to secure that no unauthorised persons get access to cars and other common facilities such as culverts, sub-centers and power plants. In addition to this we have a number of places for rent in the red and green garages as well as a number of places behind the red garage. Contact the parking responsible for queuing for these.

4.3 Garage

The neighbourhood has 3 car garages (the Yellow, the Green and the Red). Each of the 174 properties in the community has a designated parking space.

In order to open the garage doors in the garage you need a remote control which is programmed for your garage. You should go through the side doors as you go in and out of the garage to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the expensive gates. For safety reasons, make sure that the garage doors close automatically (do not close using remote) when driving out of the garage.

Only homeowners / members (not tenants) can issue the remote control and sign the associated agreement. For hand transmitters, a deposit and handling fee of SEK 800 is applicable. The fee will be charged on the first quarter invoice after issue of the remote control.

The fee includes SEK 300 for purchasing, programming and administration.

A refund of SEK 500 is made when a working remote control is returned back to the Board. When you sell your house you are required to return your remote control the board. The new homeowner should get the remote control re-issued in their name for a new deposit of SEK 800 fee.

In the event of malfunction of the remote control, contact the board via or come by the office (you may change the battery yourself).

Keep the remote control in a safe place, NOT in the car! It has happened that remote controls have been stolen during a car break-in.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that gates and doors are closed after you. This is very important for you and your neighbors to be sure that no unauthorized persons are allowed access to cars and the association’s equipment such as culverts, sub-centers and power plants.

4.4 Hiring garage space

For members who have two cars, there are slots in the garage that members can rent for SEK 400/month: in Red upper (15 slots), Red lower (1 slot) and Green upper (15 slots of which 1st for motorcycle or smaller vehicles) . There are also 10 outdoor slots behind the Red Garage that can be rented for SEK 250/month.

If you need an extra garage space or outdoor parking space, contact the Parking Responsible in the board to put you in queue.

If you do not need your garage slot, you may rent it out privately within the neighbourhood. No garage slots may be rented out to other residents outside the neighbourhood.

You may contact the Parking Responsible on the board, who then could contact those on the queue in case they are interested in renting from you privately. You are however responsible for rent & other logistics together with the resident who rents the place.

4.5 Power outlet in garage

Each regular parking slot in the garage has an electrical outlet that can be used for engine heaters.

But NOT for electric car charging. The electrical system in the garage is not built for this. Electric car charging often involves a high load on the electrical system and the electrical products, which can cause fires.

4.6 Parking slots – Århusgatan.

There are 4 parking slots along Århusgatan. These are limited to 30 minutes of parking time. These parking slots as well as Århusgatan street are monitored by the Stockholm municipality’s P-guards. (currently Euro-park. 08-562 508 96)

4.7 Entrance to the area

It is not allowed to park your car in front of entrances to the area. These are not only entrance for the residents in the area but also entrance for Fire Brigade and Ambulance. At some entrances there are barriers with locks. They can be opened with the same key as the recreation-facilities/waste containers.

Barriers are to be closed immediately after passing.

5. Cars & Vehicles

5.1 Speed limit

Århusgatan (note: only for cars) is speed-limited to a maximum of 30 km/h. We have concealed pedestrian crossings which may lead to accident for pedestrians and cyclists. Think of your children and your neighbors’ children.

5.2 Walkways in the area owned by the association

Walkways in the area should not be used for car traffic. When purchasing heavy goods (not passenger transport) and when moving heavy stuff, one can use our own walkways if needed. Please note that the speed should not exceed 7 km/h. After loading or unloading, the car must be driven out of the area quickly.

Please note that parking fines are issued by P-Service if vehicles are parked within the area.

5.3 Walkways in the area owned by Stockholm municipality

It is not allowed to use pedestrians and cycleways with motor vehicles.

6. Garbage disposal

6.1 Where should I dispose my garbage

Waste described in section 6.2 should be disposed in one of our 3 containers for food-waste.

Waste described in section 6.3 should be disposed in one of our 5 containers for household-waste.

Waste described in section 6.4 should be disposed in recycle containers on Jyllandsgatan.

Waste described in secttion 6.5 & 6.6 should be disposed at Bromma Recycle Center (Link), Lints Gårdsväg 16 or one of the other recycle centers in Stockholm.

6.2 Food Waste

Food waste comprises:

• Bread
• Coffee grounds
• Vegetable residues
• Fruit peel
• Eggshells
• Meat bones

Sorted and dropped in the small ’Biomolok’ next to household waste bins.

6.3 Household waste

Other household waste comprises:

• Vacuum cleaner bags
• Flowers
• Pens
• Tissues & napkins
• Dishrags
• Envelops
• Tobacco
• CD-disks

6.4 Recyclable waste


• Flyers
• Daily newspapers
• Magazines
• Office paper

* Note that envelopes are sorted as other household waste (section 6.3 above).

Paper/cardboard packaging:

• Milk cartons
• Toilet paper rolls
• Gift wrappers
• Paper-bags

Plastic packaging:

• Plastic bags
• Ketchup bottles
• Shampoo bottles
• Plastic bottles
• Plastic lids
• Disposable cups

Metal packaging:

• Aluminium foil
• Dry paint cans
• Capsules
• Food cans
• Spray cans
• Tubes
• Metallic candle casings

Note! Spray cans should have been fully consumed & not contain any gas.

Colourless Glass:

Remove any corks and lids from bottles and jars (and put them in the correct garbage container). Window glass is sorted as bulky waste.

Coloured Glass:

Remove any corks and lids from bottles and jars (and put them in the correct garbage container). China is sorted as other household waste.

6.5 Bulky waste

• Refrigerator and freezer
• Furniture
• Car batteries
• TV equipment
• Large boxes
• Vacuum cleaner
• Large toys, e.g. bicycles and sledges
• Flat glass
• Plasterboard
• Garden waste

6.6 Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste is e.g. light sources, electronics, batteries, oils, paints and other chemicals.

If it is difficult to disassemble the materials in a package, sort by the material that weighs the most.

7. Neighbourhood watch against crime

We have a good neighbourly cooperation in the area. This means that we help to keep track of our neighbours’ houses, our common buildings and that we care about what is happening in the area. This means that we have a quiet and safe accommodation.

In cooperation with the communities and the residents’ associations in Kista, the police also conducts crime preventive work. There is a person responsible within the residents’ association’s board for co-ordination between the local police and households.

8. The laundry

There are currently three laundry rooms in the Århus neighbourhood. Larger laundry like rugs, blankets and work clothes may only be washed in the large machine located in laundry room Århusgatan 58 and may only be dried in the drying-cabinet. Laundry times are booked on the reservation lists found in the hall outside the respective laundry room. You may book one or two consecutive laundry passes at a time. It is however not allowed to reserve a fixed time eg. every Sunday for a full month.

The laundry room has instructions and rules that you are obliged to follow when using the laundry room. Report any faults on the machines to the laundry room responsible. Names are available in each laundry room.

8.1 Cash Card.

A charged cash-card is necessary to start the machines. The cashcard is transferable from the old owners of the house, however in case you don’t have one, the first card could be requested free of charge at the residents association office (Århusgatan 169). In case of loss of card, a new one may be requested at a cost of 100 kr however any money on the lost card would not be transferable.

Cash card that doesn’t work because of wear-and-tear or damage is replaced without charge in exchange of the damaged card. However, if the card is ’unreadable by the card reader’, the money on the damaged card shall not be transferred.

The cash card may be charged to maximum of 500 kr. The laundry fees currently is 60 kr per laundry session of 4 hours. Payment for charging is done via the quarterly invoice.

9. Recreation facilities

The facilities are booked via reservation lists that are in the hall outside each facility. Keys to gain access to the premises or tables are located at Århusgatan 169. Contact someone on the board.

9.1 Renting tables/chairs

By contacting someone on the board, you may rent tables/chairs when you have your own house party. An agreement with rules is signed and a cost of SEK 100 per occasion is charged on the quarterly invoice.

9.2 Renting premises for meetings/parties.

By contacting someone on the board it is possible to rent the premises Århusgatan 31 or 58 when you have a meeting or a party. An agreement with rules is signed and a cost of SEK 250 per occasion is charged on the quarterly invoice.

9.3 Reserving room for playing ping pong

By contacting someone on the board, it is possible to reserve the premise Århusgatan 58 to play ping pong. Rules on this are provided by the board member at the time of reservation.

9.4 Borrowing ladders

By contacting someone on the board it is possible to borrow ladders that are in the red, green and yellow garage. The use of ladders is at your own risk.

10. Your own property

10.1 The house

Any repair of the house inside or outside is your own responsibility as a house-owner/property-owner. Roofs and facades are the most important parts to maintain as they protect your house against the strains of nature. It is also important to have a good relationship with your neighbours. Feel free to ask your neighbor what she or he thinks if you plan to plant trees, shrubs or roofs over the patio that may obscure their view or sunlight. Also, in case of door replacements or window replacements, it is your responsibility to ensure the fire ratings.

Those who are planning to furnish the attic are legally obliged to apply for building permit (bygglov) for this at the building committee (byggnadsnämnden) in Stockholm, and to notify the residents association the new living area for calculating the total heating surface of the neighbourhood.

The resident association’s responsibility only covers water and the district heating pipes up to and including the three meters that measure water and heat consumption.

10.2 The Garden

The property, including garden & hedges, are the responsibility of property owner. Remember that a well maintained neighbourhood doesn’t just create a good impression for visitors & potential new neighbours, but also leads to appreciation in property value.

10.3 The Storage/Utility Room

Every property has a storage/utility room associated which the property owner has responsibility to maintain. It might be worth discussing the paint job with the neighbours that have storage next to you, so a common paint job could be planned.

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